What people are saying about Anna


“I sought assistance from Anna as I was overweight, had digestive problems and was suffering from arthritis.

After seeing Anna for a period of six months I have lost 16 kg and 19 inches. As a result I look better, feel better and my general health and self esteem have improved significantly. I now shop, cook and eat healthily.

I would recommend Anna’s services to anyone. She is a great nutritionist, counsellor and spiritual adviser”

— — Lyn - retired professional
“Anna was able to help me work toward these goals of to getting rid of bloating and constipation and to lose weight by giving me sound advise on what to eat, how to prepare it and where to source recipes. She also helped a lot with motivation.

I have achieved weight loss and increased happiness and have I have noticed a lot compliments from friends and family

Anna is easy to talk to and she makes sure she finds your “triggers” to help you along the way. She is very enthusiastic.

I would recommend Anna to anybody who wants to help themselves.

The 6 months just flew by and every meeting was a fun filled, learning experience. Loved the cooking classes! I am so glad I came along.... it has changed my life. Thank you”

— Jill - Auckland
“I saw Anna because I wanted to be in full control of my eating; maintain a healthy BMI and BP, sleep 6 – 8 hours every night; excell at work, thoroughly enjoy regular social engagements with family and friends, exercise regularly and loving life to the MAX, saying ‘50’ – Come to Mama!

After working with Anna for six months, I now mainly eat whole foods in the correct portions and am really loving cooking beautiful healthy recipes regularly........

I am getting better at being gentle with myself and I am starting to look really healthy now.

People who haven’t seen me for a while comment on it, and are genuinely interested to know what I have done to transform myself.

I would describe Anna as a very warm and supportive Nutritionist who is highly encouraging, motivating and informed as a Health Coach.

Anna offered me the precious ‘hand-up’ with my weight management at a time when I was feeling confused about food choices and discouraged with my own efforts. What a Relief!

I would recommend Anna to anyone who takes their health seriously and needs support to get on the pathway to sustaining healthy eating and lifestyle habits. Anna showed me how to coach myself so that I can proceed with a growing confidence about how to manage my own health and wellbeing independently. It is a privilege to have had Anna’s support and I will always be grateful that we worked together.

Anna, I can never thank you enough for guiding me over our 6 month journey together.”

— — Sally - 50 year old working mother
“I thought the biggest tangible change would have been the weight loss (28-kilos!) but it’s not! I have so much more energy!

Anna is passionate about nutrition. She uses gentle words with a gentle approach.

Her talent is the ability to encourage and uplift your spirits - to teach you how to use your wings so you can learn how to fly.

I recommend Anna to everyone!

Through my weight loss - energy building journey I have been successful using Anna’s excellent nutritional advice combined with exercise.

Having Anna to coach, teach and stand by you every step of the way is money well spent.

Anna is worth her weight in gold.

Not once did she ever treat or speak to me like I was a lost cause.

I started to believe in myself - because YOU believed in ME.

I truly believe I could not have done this journey without you Anna.

Everyone needs an Anna - to boost and uplift us when we have thoughts so low about ourselves it cripples our lives.

You cleared the stormy clouds away so I could see.”
— — Ani - Grandmother (to gorgeous grandson)

Anna was able to help me work toward my goals by - helping me to believe that change was possible; being so understanding and knowledgeable that I had some faith that she would be able to help me; giving me a manageable goal/programme for the first fortnight.
I know have a lack of hunger – except when it is entirely reasonable to be hungry!
The most significant overall change I have noticed has been feeling lighter both in physical weight and “Psychological” weight.
Anna is knowledgeable, empathic, creative, scientific, caring, flexible, fun to be with, understanding, capable of long-term view and short-term view, a wonderfully decent human being and an excellent capable professional.
I would recommend Anna to anyone who seeks to make a change in their lives – whether they are keen to start or too terrified to begin to hope that it might be possible.

Anna has changed my life”

— — Diane - Child Psychologist